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Adrenaline Challenge (30234 times)
Straight or Bent (16147 times)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (14713 times)
BMX Stunts (14491 times)
Stunt Bike Draw (12917 times)
Speed Biker (12105 times)
Jedi Trainer (11701 times)
Age of Castles (11492 times)
Hacker (10025 times)
Pursuit (9958 times)
Bubble Trouble (9125 times)
Mario 2 (8953 times)
Pingie Pongie (8528 times)
Rolling Box (8202 times)
Bubble Spinner (7064 times)
Browse Illusions Games
Play Black Dots Black Dots

Watch the image and black dots will magically appear....
(Played 2114 times)
Play Checker Shadow Checker Shadow

Look closely at tile A and B. They seem to be different shad...
(Played 1690 times)
Play Circle Box Circle Box

Is the shape below a perfect square?...
(Played 1701 times)
Play Circle Spiral Circle Spiral

A set of circles or a spiral?...
(Played 1592 times)
Play Conflict Conflict

Look at the chart and say the color, not the word....
(Played 2328 times)
Play Cubes Cubes

How many full cubes do you see here?...
(Played 1700 times)
Play Elephant Elephant

How many legs does this elephant have?...
(Played 1830 times)
Play Exe Examination Chart Exe Examination Chart

Increase distance from chart until readable....
(Played 1731 times)
Play Fork Fork

How many prongs does this fork have?...
(Played 3675 times)
Play Gliding Grid Gliding Grid

Scroll this page up and down and watch the center square mag...
(Played 1523 times)
Play Green Wave Illusion Green Wave Illusion

Stare at the image and watch as it magically ripples!...
(Played 1562 times)
Play Impossible Triangle Impossible Triangle

Look closely...
(Played 1694 times)
Play Lines Lines

Are the lines straight or crooked?...
(Played 1647 times)
Play People Count People Count

How many people do you see?...
(Played 1620 times)
Play Red Fence Red Fence

Look at the red lines, do they appear to be wavy?...
(Played 1486 times)
Play Ripple Effect Ripple Effect

Stare at the image below and slowly move your head toward an...
(Played 1515 times)
Play Round Circle Round Circle

Is the circle below perfectly round?...
(Played 1462 times)
Play Spinning Spirals Spinning Spirals

Watch the images below. Do they appear to be spinning?...
(Played 1490 times)
Play Straight or Bent Straight or Bent

Are these lines straight or bent?...
(Played 16147 times)
Play Trigrid Trigrid

This is something to this day I can not figure out. The more...
(Played 1531 times)
Play Trippy Trippy

This is trippy....
(Played 1688 times)
Play Up Down Up Down

This will make you think....
(Played 1712 times)
Play Vertical Lines Vertical Lines

Which is longer?...
(Played 1423 times)
Play Which line is longer Which line is longer

Measure them. Are they the same length?...
(Played 4451 times)


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